America’s Top Detailers Are Using This Instead Of Wax

By Matthew Johnson | {date}

I can’t remember the last time my car shined like this.

Are you tired of not getting that showroom shine you used to always get? Maybe your detailing products aren’t as good as you hoped? You need to keep reading this because since I started using this product I’ve had an overwhelming amount of compliments on my car!

Waxing Is Dead!

Using wax in 2020 is like living in the Stone Age. It’s a lot of routine maintenance and reapplication. Wax wears thin quickly and most of the time it lasts less than two weeks after an application.

You’re Car Shouldn’t Get Dirty A Week After Detailing It

Do you see some people's cars that are always shining, but they don’t seem to detail them often? They are most likely spending thousands of dollars on high-end ceramic coatings and deep washes. Professional Detailers are now using this for long lasting protection, mirror like shines, and deep washes without breaking the bank…

Fortify Quick Coat Is A One-Step Waterless Wash, Shine, and Ceramic Coating Formula

Imagine using only one product to completely detail your ride. One application for that deep showroom shine you’ve seen other cars have, and enough protection to not have to wash your car week in and week out!

Advanced Ceramic Formula
Long Lasting Durability
Easy To Use
Wash, Shine, & Coat
Approved For All Surfaces
USA Made

Don’t Pay For Over-Hyped Detailing Products Again

You can stop spending an arm and a leg to get the best detailing products on the market, because Shine Armor’s Fortify Quick Coat does everything you need in one application.

Shine Armor has revolutionized the at-home detailing experience. It brings high-end, professional grade detailing right to your door-step at unbeatable prices.

What’s The Big Secret?

Fortify Quick Coat utilizes scientifically advanced nanotechnology to deeply penetrate and dissolve dirt, grease, and grime while filling in paint pores on your vehicle's surface for ultimate protection.

After removing any unwanted debris it makes the surface completely flat, hydrophobic (water-repellent), and resistant to UV rays, scratches, heat, and harsh chemicals.

America’s #1 Detailing Solution

Fortify Quick Coat is the top rated, American Made, at-home detailing product that uses waterless cleaning technology and wetting agents to gently, safely and effectively cut through dirt, grease and grime on-contact – leaving you with a clean, sealed and protected surface each and every time.

How Does It Compare?

The majority of products on the market use the same outdated formula that was invented 50+ years ago. They consist of cheap ingredients that are sourced from China, which can actually be harmful to your paint. Actively applying these products to your car can quickly deteriorate your paint and make it appear dull or washed out.

You want something that gives you instant results — results that gives you compliments and turns heads when you drive by. These are the products that are USA Made, Eco-Friendly, and built for lasting protection like Shine Armors Fortify Quick Coat.

Our Competitors

Advanced Si02 Formula
No Water Needed
One-Step Solution
Cost Effective
Last 2-3 Months
Ceramic Weather Coating
No Smearing Or Scratching
Ability to Withstand Heat
Outdated Silicone Coating
Requires Water
No Washing & Cleaning Features
Lasts for 2-7 Days
Non Weather Resistant
Strips Paint
Evaporates Due To Heat

Automotive Enthusiasts Can’t Get Enough Of It…

My experience with this was pretty good I did my whole car and it does what it says it does and its super easy to apply. Very happy with this product. Better than any other product I used before, would recommend.
James May
It’s just what I was looking for. On a 2016 Black F30, it took it to another level. I got compliments and thumbs up as soon as I took my car out for a drive. It smells great too. I don’t have nothing bad to say about Shine Armor.
Madison Davey
I used ONR with wax first to compare and then applied Shine Armor on top. It was even slicker afterwards and shinier. By spraying it into a damp cloth and applying to dry surface, the product goes a long way.
Gary Woodward

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Where Can I Find Fortify Quick Coat?

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